Josgrop - Sverige

Josgrop cider is made by Ulf Ringius & Emil Broomé.
Ulf & Emil have been working with wine all of their adult life, first in restaurants and now as importers. Their idea of making cider started 6 years ago, but the thirsty crowds had to wait to 2014 to taste the cider. Ulf & Emil will not stop at cider though - there is plenty of fruits to ferment.

What are characteristics for your ciders?

We want to do something dry and fruity with a distinct acid. Something fruity and easy drinking. The idea is not to do something with a fixed idea, 2015 we made Häxan because we hadthe ability to blend lots of different fruit, something we hope to do again this year.

Which part of the cider production is most important to you?

The fruit

What do you find most interesting about producing cider?

To follow the fermentation

Josgrop will bring the following ciders to the festival:

Josgrop 2017 - a cider made of three varieties of apples. Dronning Louise, Kim & Ingrid Marie. Fermented separately in vats and blended before bottling. No additives and degorged.

Häxan 2017 - a more a sparkling fruit drink than a cider. Made of plums, mirabelle, pear, quince & apples. Fermented together in vat. No additives and no degorgement.