Les Vergers de la Côte de Granit - Frankrig


Cyril, who is behing Les Vergers de la Côte de Granit, had been working for a big agro-industrial group, and time had came to be his own boss. He'd tried to invest in wine and own our vineyard but he finally came back to our land brittany to produce cider, authentic and organic cider.

What are characteristics for your ciders?

It is PURE JUICE, so there is no aded water or apple concentrate, there is no sulfites added, the bubbles are natural, like "Méthode traditionnelle" of Champagne, so there is no injected Carbon dioxyde: It is a real cider. flavor? The one that the apple bring to you, come and test it with me.

Which part of the cider production is most important to you?

The most important time is the apple picking because they are the base of the cider. A 3-star Michelin Chef will never be able to cook something good if the ingredient are not good. For the cider, it is the same, we take care of the apples like babies.

What do you find most interesting about producing cider?

The variety of all the tasks and seing a smile on the customers' face when they drink your cider

Les Vergers de la Côte de Granit will bring the following ciders:

Brut - because that is the only left over. Dry but not astringent, slightly sweet but not to cover the bitterness, with rich flavors of apples from the region Brittany