Jaanihanso - Estland

Jaanihanso is a family owned cider farm in southern part of Estonia. It is the perfect terroir for cider apples, rocky soil with limestone outcrops just like in the best known cider regions in the world. Usually chilly summers, long autumns and cold winters, the way the apple trees love it.

Jaanihanso is dedicated to searching it's own, uniquely Estonian style and taste and not trying to make local versions of French or English cider. They focus on champagne method and bottle conditioning.

What are characteristics for your ciders?

Jaanihanso Cider has been praised for its culinary characteristics. Using traditional local apple varieties, non-industrial apples and only wild yeast for the primary fermentation creates distinctive clear style with many layers of taste. No filtration, pasteurization or forced carbonation is ever used, which means that the outcome is as natural as possible. For our seasonal bottle conditioned ciders we are looking to find interesting taste symbioses through processes like dry-hopping or oak vat maturation.

Which part of the cider production is most important to you?

For Jaanihanso Cider, the most important aspect of cider making is the local connection: traditional varieties, apples from old trees, our own unique wild yeast. And patience to let the champagne method to do the final job. Our aim is to create a better local match to Nordic cuisine than any grapes based sparkling wine can be.

What do you find most interesting about producing cider?

To our initial surprise and later satisfaction, real cider making is very much farming and the connection to country life and traditional values is very strong. Apple harvesting, pressing and milling on site, fermenting and maturing cider -- it is important to have it all and do it all yourself, otherwise the understanding of your product is not complete.

Jaahaniso brings the following ciders:

Jaanihanso Brut 2014 Methode Traditionnelle 8.5%vol -- our flagship dry strong apple-champagne type cider, matured 18 months on lees

Jaanihanso Hopped Cider 5.5%vol -- bottle conditioned natural cider dry-hopped before bottling with Simcoe IPA-hops

Jaanihanso Sherry Cask Aged 5.8%vol -- bottle conditioned natural cider aged in really old Spanish ex-sherry casks

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