Cidrerie du Golfe - Frankrig

In the area of Arradon in Southern Brittany, Marc Abel & François Deforges have been making cider for the past 5 years. The photographer Marc had grown an interest in natural wines, unfortunately this particular area in France is close to grapeless, so Marc and François, a biology teacher, set out to make another alcoholic beverage - cider. 

It has now been 5 years, since the two quit their jobs to get closer to nature and to their convictions.

What are characteristics for your ciders?

Our ciders are elaborated with apples from our orchard, they are complex but easy to drink.
We use native yeast, no sulfite, no input as well in the orchards as in the cellar.

Which part of the cider production is most important to you?

We think everything is important. The biodiversity of our orchard, harvesting apples by hand, the old press we use, the slow fermentation, the withdrawal and the happiness to do good ciders.

What do you find most interesting about producing cider?

You enjoying drinking it !

Cidrerie du Golfe brings the following ciders:

Hors-norme - Brut cider elaborated with 5 sorts of apple with a lot of bitter ones. Long in the mouth, fresh and fruity, balanced bitter and acidity

Petite cuvée - Original cidre with only one sort of apple, an endemic apple : the Guillevic, a fresh and acidulous apple, citrus aroma, fine bubbles.